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Replacing Skype

Microsoft already converted Skype Data Centre based by migration of the Super Nodes. So now MS (or NSA) can snoop on everything. The process of Skype< becoming more buggy since the Vista version (before MS purchase) has continued with newer versions of Skype Client using 100% CPU on Windows 7 on fairly new computers!

Since June 2014 though, MS has been blocking the log in of more and more users still running older (often better such as 3.8) Skype Clients. Gadgets and TVs with manufacturer preloaded Skype can't be updated. They are doing this to move to a new prototcol, probably part of integration to Sharepoint. MS Messenger is also getting killed off. Read now about an alternative<. (Updated 30th August 2014)

Retiring of old versions:
On June 20, 2014, Microsoft announced plans to retire Skype for Windows Desktop running version 6.13 or below,
the move was completed on August 8, 2014 and all users running Skype
6.13 or earlier were signed out of Skype and could not sign back in.