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Real Rado Amateurs?

This is what "Radio Amateur" should maybe be about in the 21st Century, rather than CW bugs, Echolink, DStar, collecting squares and off the shelf rigs.

From 1905 to 1950s Amateur radio was in the forefront of Innovation and Wireless Experimentation. Post Office Trunk circuit SSB applied to Radio etc after WWII.

Internet Streaming

First we need some background to understand the inherent limitations of the Internet and the fundamental difference between Internet information and true Broadcast.

Though local wired computer networks and ISP fibre/cable etc can do "broadcast" connections from a server to you, the Public Internet and WiFi actually have to open a unique stream for each user. If there are are 10,000 viewers then 10,000 times as much connectivity and bandwidth is used. Even at the Broadcaster's server. Though if the Broadcaster puts a server at each of your own ISP's local "nodes" (or Exchanges for DSL on phone lines) the bandwidth per server is reduced. This is very expensive.

With true broadcast on cable, fibre, local cat5e wiring, Satellite, Terrestrial (Analogue or Digital) and MMDS it makes no difference at all to cost or bandwidth if there are 10 viewers or 10 million viewers.