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Hylas ODU on Saorsat (part1)

Here is complete ODU (outdoor unit) for Hylas-1 VSAT application on Ka Band. It's a Hughes product.

We are going to remove the "transmitter part" and use it on Ka-Sat just for Saorsat reception. First explanation and pictures of the separate parts.

hylas ODU hughes complete

The large finned part is the BUC (Block up converter) which takes IF and converts to about 30GHz with plain orthogonal polarisation (H or V) at a few watts to uplink the modem data to the Satellite. This is essentially the Transmitter.

The flat rectangle is the LNB (Low Noise down converter Block), the receiver at 20GHz converting to 950MHz to 1700MHz IF to modem or modem and TV set-box (if the satellite has TV services). . The LNB is 19.7 to 20.2GHz which is 500MHz. Assuming 950MHz lowest IF then highest IF is 1450MHz and L.O. is 18.25 GHz. Usually VSAT modems use IF of 950MHz to 1700MHz, in which case there would be some reception at slightly reduced quality up to 20.450GHz. Alternatively 20.2 could be an IF of 1700MHz, so lowest IF would be 1200MHz and LO is 18.5GHz.

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RTE ka-Sat Testing?

Update 26th March 2012

Summer time is now on us. The low key announcements so far  by RTE are covered here.

Updated 20th February 2012 (originally published 26th May 2011)