A Dongle for HDMI port in a TV, to make it "Smart"

I was browsing BroadbandTVNews website, and came across this article by Robert Briel.<

The basic gist is a dongle that connects to a HDMI port on a non-Smart HD television. The dongle will contain Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" which will work with 1GB of RAM and a Cortex A9 OMAP4 CPU (1-1.8GHz).

The product was made by Always Innovating in San Francisco, though it seems they intend licensing out to other producers rather than produce the item themselves.

It has good potential I think.  Also, at the end of the article, there is a YouTube video showing some basic features of the unit.

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TV listings magazines in Ireland, Britain and Germany: A critique.

When I was in Germany recently, I went into a newsagents in Cologne railway station to look at TV magazines. I have been watching continental TV for some time, and I was wondering what the style, content and range of TV listings magazines were.

TV: How to get into Hotel mode/menu

This will be an ongoing topic until I've compiled a reasonable list.  Offers of menu access for products not listed would be welcome.

I'm listing old CRT stuff here, as some hotels still have many of their CRT televisions still in service.

PowerPoint (Philips Chassis, PP2102, PP1402, etc)

Put the TV onto channel 38.

Press the Menu button at the front of TV and the [ +] button on your remote control simultaneously for a few seconds.

Hotel menu will now appear.  You can now restrict volume level, tuning and picture settings access.

When you are finished, simply press Menu on R/C to save and quit.

To undo what you did, just simply follow the procedure to get into Hotel menu - each time you access the menu, the previous settings are reset.