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The end of super high encryption charges?

Original piece was 16th March 2012

Update on 26th March 2012

Really old news recycled by BBC

They don't mention the Canal+ case settled out of court?

Free TV For Dummies

I’m a guy who knows very little about how TV operates. I just like to plug the thing in and see it work. When I was connecting up my Sky box, I tended to just stick cables into the ports that fit like some sort of grown-up jigsaw rather than know what I was actually doing.


So it was with some degree of trepidation that I embarked on the road to ditch my monthly Sky pay TV and replace it with…well this was my first problem….what do I replace it with? So if, like me, you’re clueless with this sort of television techno-babble, read on and I’ll share my experience with you.


The Goal

Pay TV in Ireland.

There are things we can discus about pay TV and things we can't!


Prohibition on interception of services.

9.—(1) No person, other than a duly authorised officer of the
Minister, shall, in relation to a service provided by a licensee or a
service provider—

( a ) intercept the service,