Digital Audio Broadcasting. Now Obsolete by DAB+ and DRM as they use AAC codec, using 1/2 the bandwidth or twice the quality as MP2 on DAB.

Stereo and Surround Sound.

Digital Myths and Legends

DAB in the UK isn't high quality, hasn't got the bitrate for the MP2 Codec. Some channels on Satellite may use 256k MP2 stereo rather than 128k MP2 stereo of DAB.

For similar, nearly but not quite CD quality, but probably good enough you need
256k MP2, 192K VBR MP3 and 128K AAC. Most UK DAB is 128K or less.

DAB+ testing here was of course experimenting with "as cheap as possible" Not improved quality, i.e. 32k to 46 k AAC approx.

Note that only "produced for Cinema" has complete Surround Sound, which is nothing to do with "HD", high quality or true "being there surround sound" but is more about artifical effects and post production mixing.

There is nothing whatsoever "more hifi" about Dolby Digital compared with high enough bit rate for full HiFi for whatever codec you use.

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FM Radio to Stay. Who ever said it was going away?

RTE has started DAB for new Digital Only Radio in Ireland. DAB stations will all also be be on Saorview and Saorsat. We are having an ASO in 2012 (analogue Switch Off).

But FM-VHF is not going away...


Britain and parts of Europe are planning to switch off their analogue signal in favour of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), sparking fears that the same would happen here.

Standard radios can't pick up the digital signal, which would make them, and millions of car radios, obsolete.