Site Wide Rules.

We all want this site to be a Professional Technical Resource, suitable even for smart Primary School kids wanting to explore technological topics. There are plenty of sites with foul language, porn, warez, card codes and other inappropriate content only a Google away.

  1. No Abusive or Rude Language. The Moderator's decision on what is rude or abusive and what is acceptable banter is final.
  2. This site is subject to Irish Law, including Defamation and Libel*
  3. No discussion / promotion of illegal activities.
  4. Discussion of encryption systems only within context of Education, suggested improvements or Implementation, not exploitation.
  5. No discussion of Card Sharing, "Codes" (other than region unlocking Players)
  6. No Advertising without Moderator approval in advance.
  7. No Promotion of your or 3rd party Web sites, Services or Products without prior approval.
  8. No Discussion of your or 3rd party Web sites, Services or Products unless it's a simple direct answer to question or relevant to the discussion, if in doubt P.M. the Moderator.
  9. No Sex / Porn, especially images even of the most modest kind. Plenty via Google.
  10. No discussion of Alcohol, Smoking or other non-technical Adult only Activities.
  11. No discussion of Medical or Personal Issues.
  12. No mention of Recreational Drugs or paraphernalia (Allegedly legal or Not).
  13. Images inline are limited in size. If larger put a link and Warning that it is Huge.
  14. No Warez, Music/MP3s/ videos, Software or Torrents. Not even links.
    Links to genuinely free Video/Streams/Software appropriate to the Discussion are permitted.
  15. Don't sign up simply to promote your Product/Site/Business/Service/Band/Radio Station.
  16. You own the copyright of what you post, but once the period to delete has expired you have given Techtir a non-revocable right to publish. The obligation is on posters to have their own copy of anything they publish
  17. Unsuitable names will be changed. In extreme cases the user will be banned. The user name must be suitable to be read by 9 year olds.
  18. If you are banned, any subscription is not refundable. The Site may revoke your subscription status if it is abused. There is a 10 day cooling off period, during which you can revoke your subscription less current Paypal transaction charge.
  19. Admins decisions are final, this includes: user Name, "Tag" on name, deleting posts & etc.
  20. Username, email and IP address of those signing up to "spam" (unsolicited advertising) will be forwarded to Blacklisting Databases and the Account banned forever. We reserve the right to block IP/Hostnames or blocks, user names, email addresses and email domains.

The Moderators & Administrators are in charge. It's not a democracy.

You are not Anonymous on the Internet. Your IP is logged with Time and Date. If you post illegal or defamatory content a court order can be used to obtain this. Otherwise we never release such information to anyone. Then a 2nd Court Order can be served on your ISP. Garda have arrested "scammers" at Internet Cafes.

This is Technical Content Web site. While a degree of friendly banter is acceptable (we have the Coffee Bar for that) there are no shortage of Social Sites.

[* Notes on Irish Law, see<<<<< ]