We take your privacy seriously.

  1. We do not give any information about your account to anyone without a Court Order.
  2. All IP addresses and Times of Posts are logged.
  3. Do check the privacy settings of your User account
  4. No-one, not even the Administrators know your passwords.
  5. Moderators can only view the IP you used. Not your email Address.
  6. Only the Administrators can view your entire Profile (less password, but including PMs) irrespective of privacy settings. We are not going to give any of that information to anyone, except as per criminal action or Court Order (see 1 and 11).
  7. Do Not regard a PM as actually really Private like a letter. You are sending a Message to someone you may not know that can easily be copy & pasted anywhere. Assume anything in a PM is Publicly Published.
  8. Users can be banned, but are not deleted. You can then delete any information in your profile other than email and password.
  9. Spammers are banned, reported to Spam Databases and deleted. There is no appeal. A spammer is someone who signs up solely to promote their own product, service or site.
  10. Email addresses are never given to 3rd parties or leave the site. They are only used to contact you as you specify in your Profile
  11. Currently Techtir is hosted in a Secure Location in Ireland
  12. Irish Law applies.
  13. If post or actions of a criminal nature are made we will contact the appropriate Authorities with your profile details, IP address and time of post.


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