Licence Revenue from mobile to destroy TV services?

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Already the "digital dividend" was nothing about TV, but LIMITING
future TV services by a sell off of 790 Mhz to 862MHz part of TV band to


The EBU today expressed serious concern at a Swedish
government decision to reallocate the 700 MHz spectrum band to "other
forms of use" from 2017, since such a fast switchover will jeopardize
the integrity of television services in Sweden.


Comreg of course will as usual go with what ever raises the most revenue. Policy is being driven by those with deepest pockets. Not by logic,
common sense or what is the best technical solution nor best for

Where is the spectrum for Terrestrial to compete with pay TV satellite and cable, expand to higher frame rate progressive instead of poor 1936 25fos interlaced frame format? Or 3D /Stereo-vision, or 2K HD etc.?

The Digital Dividend was theft from the consumers and broadcasters. This is another dip.