Roku and the TV that isn't.

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When is a TV not a TV? When it's an Apple TV. No Screen and no tuner. It's just a media streaming box like Roku's. Apple TV wasn't remotely first.  Of course a phone, netbook or Tablet with HDMI and WiFi can convert any cheap HDTV into an expensive Smart TV.  Smart TV often needs a tablet or a smart phone to fully control it anyway!  The Roku 3 isn't an Apple TV copy  offering gesture
controls, headphone connectivity, and the addition of USB, ethernet and
MicroSD connectivity. It doesn't mis-name itself as a TV either. About $100 in USA or almost  €170 (inc VAT) retail in Dublin City.

But some people liked Google's HMDI-ready Google Chromecast< stick, though it needs an Android phone, tablet or netbook etc to operate at all and has no included remote as it's basically a proprietary Wireless replacement of the HDMI cable rather than a true media streaming gadget. Google is also creepy, "spying" on all you do with any Google product.

Now you can get a Roku HDMI "stick".  It ships in April in the US for $49, $59.99 in Canada and £49.99 in the U.K. and in the Republic of Ireland. They don't seem to realise we use the Euro?

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