UPC finally launch VOD

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upc_on_demandUPC will finally, after promising the service several years ago, launch their Video On Demand (VOD) streaming service. Because this is on their own fibre & coax network the performance and quality will make "public" internet video services look very poor. It will include TV3 and RTE content, The giant remote is not available. It's likely a UPC HD set box is required.

About 1/3rd of Dublin customers will have the service from 25th May 2012.

This kind of video service can only be sensibly delivered direct by an ISP with Hybrid Fibre Cable (UPC areas upgraded to 100Mbps Broadband), Fibre to Premises or Fibre to the Kerb.

It can't ever be delivered on 3G or LTE and only possible on very low contention Fixed Wireless. Only about about 5% to  10% of  DSL customers (Broadband over the phone line) can sensibly be given true live VOD services at real TV quality.

UPC hope to eventually serve about 50% of homes in Ireland with High Speed Broadband as well as Broadcast TV and VOD.