NI Reception after 2012

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Anyone near N.I. Border should consider a Saorview TV that has DVB-T2 tuner or a "Freeview HD" TV. ASO for N.I. on 24th October will dramatically increase transmission power and add more transmitter sites. An HD DVB-T2 multiplex will be added. Some sites may have a DVB-T2 "mini-mux" for a few Irish channels.

DVB-T2 status

  • Last areas in UK will be after final ASO in October 2012. The UK's 5th HD channel is likely to launch in April 2012.
  • Italy: one multiplex, soft launch in October 2010
  • Sweden: two multiplexes, full launch in November 2010
  • Finland: five multiplexes, soft launch in January 2011, full launch in February 2011
  • Ukraine: four DVB-T2 multiplexes × 167 transmission sites, 150 of which have been officially launched on October 10, 2011
  • Denmark: one multiplex, with TV2 Danmark in HD will launch April 2012
  • Malaysia (possible)
  • South Africa (definite)
  • Croatia (tests, approval)
  • Serbia: Adopted.
  • Russia: Approved Sept 2011. Some sites running before approval
  • Turkey (Tests)

Anyone near border areas or Southwest coast should hold of on TV purchase till July/August 2012 to get better deals of TV with Saorview and "freeview HD" ability. It's likely all European TVs will have CI+, DVB-T2 and MPEG4 so will thus have MHEG5 and some reasonable degree of Freeview HD and Saorview compatibility even if not approved but "Caveat Emptor" applies for any un-certified purchase.