BAI's report on Saorview content

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The BAI has released its report on Saorview< content and transmission for the future.

Sadly, they deem stupid hour-shift channels to be worthy of
consideration by the Minister for Comms/Energy/Natural Resources, Pat

Some of the channels recommended for consideration by BAI are:

  • TV3+1
  • TV3 HD
  • 3 Kids/3 Classic
  • TG4+1 (not quite the same as TG4, in that all evening content will be as gaelige)
  • Chilli Hits (Music channel)
  • Irish TV (Irish themed music)
  • FISÉ (film channel)
  • CEOL (music)
  • EOLAS (parliamentery channel from Oireachtas, Stormont and EU)
  • Radio: Raidio Rí-Rá, Easy FM and an oldies station from Dusty Rhodes.

Some of these channels I deem to be worthy, with the exception of
TV3+1 and the already existant RTÉ1+1.  TG4+1 I don't deem necessary
either.  I'd prefer they just went for a sort of "best of" channel, all
as Gaelige.

Further in the BAI report, they note their seeming concern regarding
how much RTÉ intend to charge for carriage of new channels.  Prices can
go as high at €1m depending on who or what is sharing the Multiplex. 
This, I deem to be a worthy concern, I think the fee should be set as
standard across the board, not a fluctuating price, depending on how
many channels you share a Multiplex with.

For anyone wanting to read the full report, you can do so here:<

The report is in PDF.