Saorview Resource for Humans

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New resource for Non-Technical folk (ordinary Humans) for Saorview and Saorsat (link)<, the new Irish Digital Terrestrial.

I think is a nice easy address for your friends. Comment to this post to suggest additions or corrections to the site or use this form here (link)< if you are not a Member here. 

UPDATE: RTE / RTE NL now have two excellent resources. The Information Site Saorview<  and the Coverage Site<.

Watching Saorview or RTE Radio on Laptop?

stickI've also been playing with a USB Dual Tuner Stick. It has the easiest to use and install software for Terrestrial TV (no Satellite TV support I think), the "Total Media 3.5". See the review<. It's not suitable for Apple or Linux, but works well on XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit). Will probably work OK on Server 2003 and 2008.

Unlike ProgDVB, DVBdream, DVBviewer or others you don't have to mess around downloading MPEG4 codecs and fiddling with Renderer and codec settings. Even on XP low end netbook the RTE Digital Radio stations should work. For HD a decent graphics card is needed.

Windows 7 has MPEG4 codec and MHEG5 built in. DVBviewer on XP needs CoreAVC and will have a MHEG5 plugin to purchase soon.