Goodies in Post today.

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I got my Colour TFT 2.8" touch screen. It will use up about 6.5mm depth if you remove the SD card reader. About 8.5mm inc SD card reader.
The SD card slot/reader could be unsoldered and goes to separate connector through hole pads at opposite side of PCB to LCD connector. It's a 14 way set of through holes. 2 x 7 all 0.1" space.
Fibre glass PCB with 32 through plated holes as 2 x 16, all 0.1" spaced.

Overall PCB is 55 x82, dark area of LCD/touch panel about 45.6mm x 60mm.
2.8" TFT LCD Module Display + Touch Panel + PCB adapter<<
$45 / €33.50 inc postage. It took just over a week, inc Chinese Holiday weekend (same as easter Monday this year).
I also got a 128x64 KS0108 display and a minuscule 1" OLED 128x64.
I got the TFT touch screen for my ARM project, along with a 3 axis accelerometer, but I'll do colour version with aliased drawing of the  JAL libraries and test it on 18F4550.

I also got my 64 pin TQFP 18F67J50 parts today.


  • 64pin TQFP (surface mount) so 1/4 size of 40 pin DIL.
  • 128K Flash Memory, 3905 RAM (existing part is 32K Flash, 2900 RAM)
  • More I/O pins (Add GPS, packet Modem etc...)
  • $4.50 in quantity

I'm switching to it rather than 18F4550 for the CatPad.