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Vintage Indicators (Nixies, VFDs, Neons, Magic Eyes)<

Restoring an Invicta 29 Attaché case style valve battery portable radio< (19th August 2011)

Radio, TV and some Electronics & Computers Innovators before 1950<

New section on Valves< and Article on the "Tatiana" a clone of WWII SOE "Sweetheart" replacing the IT4 (DF91) by Russian 1j24b (16th August 2011)

More details on the Hergé one valve 1920s to 1940s radio construction < (4th August 2011)

Jaycar QM1580 DVM interfacing <(3rd July 2011)

Splitting satellite cables< or signals.

Extending HDMI for up to 15m on screened Cat5e< cable cheaply. (30th January 2011)
List of Set-box and TVs that "work" on Irish DTT<. Need MHEG5 for full compatibility.(23rd January 2011)

Enable USB Video Playback on LG 42LD450 TV<

Entire Web Site Added! SaorTv.Info<
(16th November 2010)

All about how Ka-Sat spot beams work and how this affects Saorsat Coverage< (17th December 2010)

Satellite Distribution Systems< <(14th November 2010)

DVB (Digital TV)< on Windows, Linux and Apple OS X

MobiDTV Dual DTT USB 2.0 stick/tuner< <(8th November 2010)

UK Space earnings are up (off site BBC news) <(8th November 2010)

Fibre Helps Mobile, advantage of Universal Broadband< (5th November 2010)

Video Senders and co-existence with WiFi< (4th November 2010. Update 19th December 2010 5.8GHz allowed)