Some basic tips for smooth running

  • Don't post the same thing in several forums. If in doubt ask.

  • Do be sparing with Laughing out loud Sad :( Sad smilies. One per paragraph is plenty.

  • All the smilies can be done just with : and ) ( D ? | O (oh, not Zero) P or ! except for wink which is ; and )
    No space or noses (- symbol)

  • Don't tell off someone on thread for a bad post. PM the Admins.

  • If you see anything that breaks the rules or looks wrong or dangerous PM the Admins

  • Be Polite
  • Don't assume PMs are private. The other person may paste it anywhere. However it's polite to ask the sender before you publish it.

  • DON'T SHOUT LIKE THIS. Cancel the Caps Lock

  • Avoid large or coloured text, except maybe in a heading.

  • There are no stupid Questions. Only Stupid Answers.

  • State your point clearly once and then drop it. The other guy is 13 and has infinite time.

  • Do quote appropriate frames from XKCD. Or possibly Dilbert.

  • The Coffee Bar forum is for amusing and Off Topic banter. Visible only to logged in Members.

  • Put a News Item in an existing News Thread. But create a new Thread to discuss it.

  • Add explanations on a subject that are like essays to the FAQs in the appropriate forum. If it's a fresh topic, make a new Thread (Topic) started with FAQ: in title.

  • Suppliers go in the Supplier Threads. If you are the supplier, your post will be deleted, PM the Moderator with the item.

from< who apparently doesn't mind links. He'd like to sell you a T-shirt though.