RTE would like ideas on Hybrid Broadcast and IP

Hybrid Broadcast and IP

This is where the basic live content comes via FM Radio, Cable TV, Satellite, DAB, DTT or any true Broadcast medium but the richness of a multimedia experience you would have using a purely internet stream is via the Internet.

RTE cares about the Licence Payer. Using an all Internet content stream instead of hybrid Broadcast/IP costs you money (especially on mobile) and adds to RTE costs, meaning less Licence Revenue on Program content.

RTE Proposal / Questions


For a long time now we have been trying  to introduce a hybrid app on various mobile phones that allows audio content to be taken from free to air FM and the metadata and other components of the app to be taken from IP. If the user was in an area where what they were listening to on a stream became available on FM (using the RDS PI codes) it would prompt the user to switch off the audio stream served by IP and onto FTA FM. Thus minimising their data costs by only using IP for metadata and images etc.

This way we are protecting our primary platform and not forcing people to pay for data on a proprietary platform and technically ask people to pay for their RTE content twice.

Here are three articles that shed some light on the situation but show you what obstacles are in our way.

They have managed to get some way down the road with a proprietary device and app but its not mass market and very clunky.

James Cridland (well known as founder of MediaUK<) is a great help to us


And this article in the states shows how the broadcasters there are trying to get some traction in this area.

60% of all phones in Ireland have an FM chip in them yet a large shift to streamed listening on proprietary pay as you listen seems to be happening. 

What would you think of an idea whereby RTE would promote a device that made full use of its FM chip alongside a hybrid app similar to how RTE will soon have to row in behind a DTT receiver.

What Next?

Your comments and ideas mainly on how to implement this as an application for phones that have built-in FM radio!

Here is a text "ID3 Tag" type URL< that updates periodically

See also Wikipedia Hbb< and Media Broadcast article< on BroadbandTV news (both more related to TVs and Set-Boxes than phones)