PLT, Homeplug and mains Networking etc.

Some of these claim 200Mbbps or even 1Gbps. BT's own engineers have found they can interfere with ADSL, but the BT marketing guys selling Homevision don't want to talk about that.

RSGB has taken Ofcom to court alleging lack of enforcement of standards. Some produce more interference than others. It's hard to beat Shielded Cat5e along the edge of the skirting board.

Sweden has now taken action:<

If installing plugtop mains networking, do check your DSL Modem stats before and after and UK LW & MW Radio. SW too if you use it.

Some Energy saver bulbs completely obliterate R4 LW and others have no effect. Not all Electronic gear is created equal, but PLT/Homeplug etc is inherently a DSL like up toi 30MHz transmitter. DSL is on twisted pair wiring designed to minimise interference. Mains wiring is not, and the lighting and switch circuits particularly can act as aerials as "live" and "neutral" can be in different places in the ceiling or wall rather than side by side. The fuse box does not block the signals and the Electricity meter has only a small effect to block the signal.

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