Digital Dividend is problem for Cable TV and Broadband

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Cable TV uses 110MHz to 872MHz for TV and also Broadband download.

The "Digital Dividend" (UHF TV spectrum 700MHz or 780Mhz to 872MHz to be freed by ASO)  is most likely to be auctioned to LTE Mobile Operators. A Mobile phone or Mobile transmits as well as receives. Since your LTE phone or Modem could be near your Cable TV set-box, DOCSIS Cable Modem or the cable company Coax there is a potential for Interference.

Ofcom are not renowned for admitting problems (PLT & Home plugs) but in this case they admit that LTE used within 3' / 1m of cable equipment causes a severe problem.

This is not limited to LTE or 4G but ANY domestic two way radio system that uses any part of Cable TV frequencies.  The issues of DECT phones interfering with Satellite Receivers is well known and can be very difficult to cure. DECT phones overlap part of the Satellite IF between 1850MHz and 1900MHz. Potentially GSM, 3G, HSPA or LTE on 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz might interfere with Satellite IF but this seems rarer. The Satellite coax signals are 950MHz to 2100MHz and are often much stronger than Cable TV/Broadband due to the amplifier in the LNBF at the dish,

See El Reg Ofcom study<