BAI, Government and Pay DTT fantasy.

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I've always said Terrestrial Pay TV isn't viable in Ireland.

TV Numeric, the sole company marketing the French basic pay-DTT package, is contemplating pulling the plug on its business

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It seems also that more people than ever are realising they don't need UPC (cable and MMDS) or Sky (satellite) Pay TV. You can have the excellent UPC broadband without the TV. You own the Sky Dish and box so can use it for Free To Air Satellite TV.

TV audience measurement body TAM Ireland said the number of Irish homes with Freesat -- a free satellite-based service offering most of the major UK channels -- as their primary source of TV reception stood at 170,000 just before Christmas.
The number had increased from 124,000 in early 2010.
"As people are sizing up their options in the build-up to the official analogue switch-off in October this year it is expected to grow further," TAM Ireland said.
Sales of Saorview-approved digital TVs -- which can receive TV3 and RTE's digital stations -- exceeded 67,000 in 2011, while another 8,000 consumers purchased Saorview approved set-top boxes to receive Irish channels on existing TVs.

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To have the Irish channels and UK Channels for free you need an aerial and a dish currently. Soarview via Satellite will be available soon but is unlikely to have TV3 and 3E. However "Freesat HD" has all the ITV channels as well as all the BBC, C4 and Five, free. A "Freesat+ HD" HDR or PVR  will also give all the ease of use and recording features of a Sky+ HD box and work on a Sky dish too.