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Who or what is Techtír?

Techtir launched  officially Saturday, 10th October 2009, though tests commenced on 26th September 2009


Some old familiar faces from boards.ie  have joined up to bring you what we hope will be the  best technology portal in Ireland.


Yes, we hope to include in the coming months and years to add loads of content, such as the latest news, the best self-help how-to guides, reviews and forum posts, from recognised experts in their field.

So, welcome along, and we hope you choose us to be the premier source of technology information in Ireland.

The Admins / Site Owners are bond-007, byte, DMC and Watty, who live almost in four quarters of Ireland.


Rather than a chattering box of monkeys with ethereal posts, the idea is to build up a body of information and articles, but not in completion to wkipedia as it doesn't allow your own projects, how-tos and original research. Nor is the aim to ape Gizmodo, Techcrunch, Ars Technica, Slashgear or Engadget.

Eventually as more people contribute we hope to have enough worth while fresh daily and weekly technical content as a Monthly Magazines such as Wireless World, Television, Elektor, Practical Wireless, Practical Electronics, New Scientist, Dr Dobbs, Byte, PCW, HiFi and Satellite magazines had in their hay day before they became dominated in some cases by Advertisements and Snake Oil. Since our "distribution costs" are tiny compared to a printed magazine we are free. Eventually if popularity causes serious hosting costs we will look at financing the site via a shop website, as the only web sites that make money really are shops Smile

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  1. Shows you support the site
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  5. Printer friendly view option added.
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  7. Direct contact to Admins
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  9. Collection of good Weblinks on Navigation menu.

Some features are limited to Subscribers or more Senior members.

If you are a Visitor (Guest), Awaiting Join Confirmation or logged out:

  1. You can't post anywhere.
  2. You can't even post Comments
  3. Some Forums vanish and can't be read.
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  5. No collection of Web Links
  6. No private messages
  7. No "clean" printer friendly / screen reader view
  8. No in-site search (which works really well and includes Three Letter Acronyms)
  9. You can't see the list of Admins under Useful Info and contact Site Admins unless you are logged in.

Membership is free and no details are ever given to third parties. Nor do you receive any advertising emails from us. Occasional email is sent to all members when there is a major site change.

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