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UPC finally launch VOD

upc_on_demandUPC will finally, after promising the service several years ago, launch their Video On Demand (VOD) streaming service.

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30th April 2012 - an end of an era...

The early hours of this coming 30th April will mark the closure of a chapter in European broadcasting, but few in Ireland will realise it and indeed you wouldn't blame them for not noticing. It'll be the final shut down of all current analogue television at 19.2 degrees east, the home of the original Astra satellite fleet.

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The end of super high encryption charges?

Original piece was 16th March 2012

Update on 26th March 2012

Really old news recycled by BBC

They don't mention the Canal+ case settled out of court?

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BAI, Government and Pay DTT fantasy.

I've always said Terrestrial Pay TV isn't viable in Ireland.

TV Numeric, the sole company marketing the French basic pay-DTT package, is contemplating pulling the plug on its business

Read more on "Broadband TV News<"

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Real Rado Amateurs?

This is what "Radio Amateur" should maybe be about in the 21st Century, rather than CW bugs, Echolink, DStar, collecting squares and off the shelf rigs.

From 1905 to 1950s Amateur radio was in the forefront of Innovation and Wireless Experimentation. Post Office Trunk circuit SSB applied to Radio etc after WWII.

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NI Reception after 2012

Anyone near N.I. Border should consider a Saorview TV that has DVB-T2 tuner or a "Freeview HD" TV. ASO for N.I. on 24th October will dramatically increase transmission power and add more transmitter sites. An HD DVB-T2 multiplex will be added. Some sites may have a DVB-T2 "mini-mux" for a few Irish channels.

DVB-T2 status

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Exact ASO date confirmed

Finally officially confirmed what we knew, ASO (Analogue Switch Off of television) in NI, and Ireland is end of October 2012. The exact date is confirmed as 24th October 2012.

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BAI's report on Saorview content

The BAI has released its report on Saorview< content and transmission for the future.

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TV listings magazines in Ireland, Britain and Germany: A critique.

When I was in Germany recently, I went into a newsagents in Cologne railway station to look at TV magazines. I have been watching continental TV for some time, and I was wondering what the style, content and range of TV listings magazines were.

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RTE ka-Sat Testing?

Update 26th March 2012

Summer time is now on us. The low key announcements so far  by RTE are covered here.

Updated 20th February 2012 (originally published 26th May 2011)

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What DSO?

We (Techtir) have had a Work Experience Student doing a survey this week. The results are very bad.

DSO Digital Switch Over. The fact that Saorview is now available officially since 29th October 2010, though full Launch is May 2011

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Digital Dividend is problem for Cable TV and Broadband

Cable TV uses 110MHz to 872MHz for TV and also Broadband download.

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Getting Saorview in Northern Ireland

This article has been updated on February 2012 to update certain information and to remove stuff that is no longer relevant.

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