Continuing Lies about Broadband.

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Click are offering really good value Compaq/HP netbook. It comes with a "Free" 3 Ireland USB Mobile Broadband Dongle.

But actually it's not Broadband. You can't set up home automation, security web camera, sling box or Remote Console (VNC, RDP, ssh, Citrix or PCoIP) on it. In this respect it's even worse than ISDN or dialup as those can be connected to. 3G Mobile is Not Broadband. It's Not always on. There is no way to reliably ensure it keeps connected. 

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Real Advert and Real Performance

People are even disconnecting Fixed Wireless Broadband,  UPC cable and phone line DSL for it.

1Mbps DSL is BETTER <than up to 7Mbps, 14Mbps, 21Mbps or 42Mbps Mobile.

Even apart from the NAT and Dynamic IP issues of mobile connections, when the 3G modem disconnects (as it will as it's a form of dialup and not "always on" like real Broadband) it has no IP address at all. VOIP inward call can't work either unless the connection is open and renewed via a "presence" protocol. This dramatically reduces cell capacity.

The real value of Mobile is when you need Mobile access. Not for at the Office or Home. "Fixed" use of Mobile degrades the performance from x2 to x5 for users that need Mobile.

Real Fixed Wireless is x8 better utilisation of Spectrum<. Should Comreg revoke Imagine's FWALA (Fixed Wireless Access) licences as they are misusing it with Imagine WiMax? It is NOT Fixed Wimax and is not Broadband and wastes 7/8ths of the spectrum capacity compared with real Fixed WiMax.

8Mbps, 12Mbps or 24Mbps DSL is "up to" also. But not in same sense as Mobile 3G, Ripwave, Clearwire or Imagine WiMax. The speed you get <is stable. Mobile and Nomadic< (Imagine WiMax, Ripwave) is not

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And the reason people are disconnecting Fixed Wireless, DSL and Cable is that it is Priced Cheap. Despite real cost is actually< x100 to x300 higher than same price Voice Mobile package!

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